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The desire and necessity to travel and explore is part of human history. Those of us living in the 21st century have much to be grateful for; more than ever before, we have the opportunity to travel across the world safely, easily and affordably.

Luis Maroto
President & CEO Amadeus

Highlights 2015

2015 was a very good year for Amadeus, with growth in all its businesses and important acquisitions and investments that helped it to offer new products and reach new customers.


Corporate profile

Amadeus is a technology innovator that connects the entire travel ecosystem - travel providers, travel sellers and travellers themselves - at every stage of the journey. Our technology helps travel businesses manage their operations with greater efficiency and serve their customers better than ever before.

Who we are

We are more than 14,200 professionals dedicated to serving our customers and travellers all over the world. We operate out of over 70 commercial organisations and have a presence in more than 195 countries.

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What we have accomplished

Amadeus was founded in 1987 to develop a standard system for connecting airlines with travel agencies. In the year 2000, we pioneered the development of a reservation technology that provided airlines and travel agencies with a shared view of travellers and allowed for truly seamless reservation servicing across different distribution channels to create a state-of-the-art airline Passenger Service System.

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Travel industry overview

Travel and tourism is a thriving industry, making a substantial contribution to the global economy. In 2015, its total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) contribution accounted for nearly 10% of the global total.


Business lines
and highlights 2015

Amadeus offers a comprehensive range of innovative technology solutions and services for travel businesses all over the world. We facilitate complex transactions between travel providers and travel sellers, and provide them with mission critical IT solutions.

Amadeus business model

Amadeus serves airlines, airports, car rental agencies, leisure and corporate travel specialists, cruise operators, ground handlers, hospitality businesses, travel agencies, railway companies and more, operating two complementary businesses with significant commercial and technological synergies: Distribution and IT Solutions.


We act as a connected and collaborative platform offering comprehensive, neutral, real-time search, pricing, booking, ticketing and processing solutions that enable commerce and transactions among travel providers and travel sellers worldwide.

Amadeus distribution
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IT Solutions

We offer a broad and growing set of technology solutions that enhance a wide variety of travel-related business operations such as sales, analytics, inventory and revenue management, payments and advertising.

Amadeus IT Solutions
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The acquisitions have greatly expanded our portfolio of technology solutions and have allowed us to add considerable talent and expertise to our team.

Germany (Frankfurt + Hannover), Bulgaria (Sofia)
Hiberus travel:
Zaragoza (Spain)
Netherlands (Weert/Eindhoven), Germany (Lindlar)
Hotel IT
Portsmouth, Miami, California, London, China (Shanghai) , Singapore, Thailand (Bangkok), Australia (Sydney).
Hotel Systems Pro:
Atlanta (US)
Netherlands, Atlanta (US)
Airport IT
Orlando (US)

Global operations
& innovation

Amadeus Global Operations is responsible for managing and delivering services to our customers. In addition, Amadeus Research & Development (R&D) has the responsibility of building innovative solutions for our customers worldwide. These solutions are based on a wide range of state-of-the-art components integrated for the specific needs of customers. R&D is a strategic priority for Amadeus, a key factor in achieving market leadership and sustainable, profitable growth.

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Amadeus R&D investment (including capitalised R&D*)

Amadeus ranked as the leading R&D investor in the travel and tourism industry in the 2015 EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard.

* A part of our R&D costs is linked to activities that are subject to capitalisation, thus impacting the level of operating expenses that are capitalised on the balance sheet.

Amadeus global R&D network

Amadeus has 19 R&D centres across the world. Nice (France) is the largest centre for R&D activities, with on-site and global teams developing solutions for travel distribution, e-commerce, travel agency points-of-sale, airlines, hotels, railway companies, airport IT and travel intelligence.

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Customer service
and customer

Amadeus' commitment to customers is based on:
_ Understanding customers' business needs and technical requirements
_ Adapting products and solutions according to customer needs
_ Providing the broadest range of travel provider content
_ Servicing our customers through motivated and experienced staff, with round-the-clock support available globally
_ Ensuring the highest levels of connectivity and operational service for our technical platforms

How Customer Service helps customers succeed

Amadeus’ Customer Service provides training, support, service automation, content management and security services to all customers by leveraging the company’s technology, people and processes.

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Amadeus customer service
Amadeus has a global, regional and local training presence to support its growth and enable it to better respond to the needs of a wide range of customers. Training is delivered in local languages whenever possible.
Amadeus’ ‘Follow-the-sun’ organisation provides seamless global support to customers 24/7. Support services are provided by Amadeus Commercial Organisations, Regional Service Centres and Service Management Centres as well as the online Amadeus e-Support Centre.
Amadeus’ ‘Follow-the-sun’ organisation offers content management services that ensure appropriate, reliable and accurate travel industry content is available to customers 24/7.
The Security team along with Content Management integrates, implements and secures all travel industry content as well as credentials for employees and new customers.
Our vision, our mission


Amadeus’ environmental strategy is based on three pillars:
_ Amadeus operations' environmental efficiency
_ Identification and fostering of the environmental benefits of Amadeus solutions
_ Participation in joint industry environmental initiatives

2015 vs. 2011 Business growth and environmental performance*
CO2 emissions***
*** Scope: Top 11 Amadeus sites, including the Data Centre. Bangalore site included since 2013.

Social commitment

Business cannot succeed in societies that fail. In 2015, this simple mantra continued to drive the Amadeus Social Responsibility programme. Social Responsibility at Amadeus constitutes an integral part of the company’s corporate strategy

Amadeus' social commitment in 2015:
Uplifting local communities through talent, technologies and travel
Amadeus social commitment in 2015
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Amadeus people

Our people are at the heart of our company’s purpose of shaping the future of travel. Amadeus’ workforce of over 14,200 people worldwide are committed to pursuing this purpose and driving our company’s continued development. We strive to ensure that our knowledge, expertise and management leadership translates into value for our customers and contributes to the success of our stakeholders.


Corporate governance:
transparency and integrity

Upholding the highest levels of corporate governance helps Amadeus sustain its market leadership and consolidate the principles that have made it a trusted partner for customers, suppliers and other associates. Amadeus’ corporate governance policies and procedures are designed to help the company achieve its general objectives and protect the interests of its shareholders.

Amadeus Executive Committee

The Amadeus Executive Committee is led by the company’s CEO and composed of senior management leaders.

This governance structure is designed to foster direct communication between Amadeus’ business and its governing bodies in order to facilitate an effective decision-making process.

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industry relations

Amadeus is at the heart of the global travel industry and we believe that our privileged position gives us a responsibility to work together with other industry stakeholders to shape a sustainable future for travel. To this end, Amadeus engages with key partners such as governments, public entities, trade associations and academic institutions.

Amadeus’ collaboration with UN agencies:
Making the travel and tourism industry more sustainable
Tourism education
Innovative technology
Ethics and social responsibility
Joint seminars and general events
Amadeus’ collaboration with UN agencies

Our commitment
to shareholders

Amadeus’ strategy framework has been designed to ensure the viability and sustainable growth of the company, providing stakeholders with long-term value. It is of vital importance for Amadeus to maintain effective and straightforward communication with all stakeholders in the capital markets, ensuring transparency with regard to company performance.

Amadeus’ share performance since the IPO launch
Amadeus shares

Facing the future

Amadeus healthy financial position, broad geographical reach, diverse and talented workforce, as well as our investment in innovation equips us well to deliver innovative solutions and address the needs of the fast-changing travel industry.

Tomas López Fernebrand
Senior Vice President
General Counsel &
Corporate Secretary