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Amadeus Global
Report 2014

A business, financial and sustainability overview


Message from the
President & CEO

'It is not that long ago that a traveller’s direct contact with information technology during a journey was limited to accessing in-flight entertainment or using the internet to check a timetable. No longer. The dramatic growth of mobile technologies, e-commerce, social media and user generated content has transformed travel for ever. Once mere consumers of information, travellers are now a powerful presence in the industry.'

Luis Maroto
President & CEO

Executive Committee Team

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Ana de Pro
Chief Financial Officer
‘Amadeus has a solid business model. We generate strong free cash-flow that enables us to make sustained investment in R&D and innovation as well as facilitating a strong track record in shareholder remuneration.’
Julia Sattel
Senior Vice President
Airline IT
‘We are very proud to be working with Southwest, the largest carrier in the US by domestic passengers boarded, with more than 100 million customers annually. Our successful collaboration to date is due in no small part to the complementary cultures of our two organisations, both relentlessly focusing on execution and delivery.’
Holger Taubmann
Senior Vice President
‘As of 31 December 2014, close to 80 low-cost carriers have chosen Amadeus, as they recognise the superior potential of modern distribution platforms capable of handling ancillaries. Low-cost bookings via Amadeus increased by 16% during 2014 and we hope to see this growing for many years yet.’
Luis Maroto
President & CEO
‘In 2014 both our Distribution and IT Solutions businesses delivered increased sales and profitability, allowing us to sustain a strong financial performance and to facilitate our continued investment in the future.’
Tomas López Fernebrand
Senior Vice President
General Counsel &
Corporate Secretary
‘The solid and stable performance of Amadeus over the years provides a robust base from which to work towards a sustainable and profitable future for Amadeus and for the travel industry as a whole.’
Francisco Pérez-Lozao
Senior Vice President
New Businesses
‘The traveller is becoming more demanding in terms of experiencing a seamless end-to-end travel experience, from the moment a trip is booked all the way to post-trip user generated reviews. Devices are progressively substituting traditional methods to carry out activities such as making payments and booking flights.’
Hervé Couturier
Executive Vice President
Research & Development
‘We are in a world where the amount of information we are receiving, the variety of that information, is increasing and the speed at which we are receiving it is also increasing. The key here is: how can I extract the value of that pool of information?, how can I predict behaviour, identify patterns, and turn them into personalised offers for my customers?’
Sabine Hansen Peck
Senior Vice President
Human Resources
Communications & Branding
‘A key moment in 2014 was rolling out the new Amadeus brand – following two years of research to clarify and align our beliefs and direction. How we present ourselves must be a reflection of who we really are. Today’s key brand word is credibility.’
Wolfgang Krips
Executive Vice President
Global Operations
‘The travel industry knows better than most that the only constant is change. Familiar challenges persist: rising customer expectations, shifting business models and quicker cycles of innovation. From an operational standpoint, this means we continually need to evaluate how we can enhance our effectiveness. That is why one of our key milestones in 2014 was the formal introduction of “lean thinking” within Global Operations at Amadeus.’
Alex Luzárraga
Vice President
Corporate Strategy
‘Cabify innovatively disrupts the traditional car rental service, allowing passengers to book high-end vehicles with drivers via smartphone. Such start-up ideas are just what the Amadeus Venture Fund thrives on: shaping the future of travel.’

Corporate profile

Amadeus was founded in 1987 by Air France, Iberia, Lufthansa and SAS with the mission of connecting travel providers with travel agencies in real time, and has since been at the forefront of innovation for the travel distribution industry.

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Our purpose as a company is to work with our customers, partners and other industry players to shape the future of travel. We do this by anticipating the needs of tomorrow’s travellers and enriching the travel experience for hundreds of millions of people every year by providing leadingedge technology solutions to facilitate journeys.

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Travel industry overview
and Amadeus industry relations

Today, global travel and tourism is one of the world’s largest industry segments, with an estimated total contribution to the global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of USD7.2 trillion according to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC)


Amadeus business lines
and highlights 2014

Amadeus operates on a massive scale facilitating complex transactions between travel providers and travel sellers, as well as providing mission critical IT solutions for travel providers. Our solutions help our customers connect to the travel ecosystem, serve travellers and manage their businesses.


We act as a global network providing comprehensive real-time search, pricing, booking, ticketing and other processing solutions to travel providers and travel agencies through our Distribution business.


We offer travel providers an extensive portfolio of technology solutions which facilitate certain misión critical business processes, such as reservations, ticketing, inventory management and departure control.


Amadeus operates at the crossroads of two large and growing industries: technology and travel. In terms of our Distribution business, we are a key player in the travel and tourism industry, one of the most important sectors in most countries worldwide. In terms of our IT business, we provide products and services designed for the needs of travel and tourism industry providers, therefore being part of the ‘travel technology’ industry.


Research, development
& innovation

Research & Development (R&D) is a key strategic priority for Amadeus. We consider innovation as one of our key assets that provides us with market leadership. Amadeus R&D is the part of the organisation that has the responsibility of building innovative solutions for our customers.

Open systems
- Amadeus technology and operational excellence 2014
Bookings in 2014
Bookings in 2014
every second
+ petabytes
Passengers boarded in 2014
Passengers boarded in 2014
every second
Transactions per second
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Customer service
and customer satisfaction

Our company value ‘customers first’ reflects our committed approach towards the success of clients. It is a key strategic byword for Amadeus to ensure that we deliver efficiency and operational excellence.

24/7 customer service

and social commitment

Global leadership entails a strong social and environmental commitment. Through our corporate social responsibility initiatives, we provide training and supply expertise and infrastructure, actively seeking ways in which we can stimulate tourism and travel in some of the world’s developing regions.

On the other hand, our Environmental Management System is designed to continuously improve the environmental performance of our operations. Finally, we provide solutions to our customers that improve their environmental performance and we work with industry stakeholders so that we continuously contribute to the sustainability of the industry.

Environmental sustainability

Since the 1970s environmental concerns have only increased across all geographies, economic sectors and environmental fields. At Amadeus we believe this trend will continue in the foreseeable future.

An infographic looking at Amadeus’s commitment to a sustainable travel future

Social commitment

At Amadeus we believe our economic performance, together with our ability to contribute to sustainable development, are what will enable us to succeed. Our social responsibility plays a unique role in achieving this.

Discover Amadeus & UNICEF online donation partnership


Amadeus people

With over 13,200 employees worldwide, Amadeus has a common purpose of shaping the future of travel together with our stakeholders. This purpose drives our collective ambition, growth and success. Our experience, expertise and value-driven leadership make the difference to our customers and stakeholders in the industry.

Workforce over
A diverse team from
permanent active contracts
growth in workforce vs 2013

Our commitment
to shareholders

Amadeus’ strategy framework has been designed to ensure the viability and sustainable growth of our company, providing stakeholders with long-term value. It is of vital importance for Amadeus to maintain an effective and straightforward communication with all stakeholders in the capital markets, ensuring transparency with regard to company performance.

Amadeus shares

Corporate governance:
transparency and integrity

The corporate governance policies and procedures we use are designed to help Amadeus achieve its general objectives and to protect the interests of shareholders.


Facing the future

‘The solid and stable performance of Amadeus over the years provides a robust base from which work towards a sustainable and profitable future for Amadeus and for the travel industry as a whole.’

Tomas López Fernebrand
Senior Vice President
General Counsel &
Corporate Secretary