Amadeus Global
Report 2013
A business, financial and sustainability overview
Message from the
President & CEO

The global travel industry in which Amadeus operates is both exciting and emotive. The technology we provide facilitates hundreds of millions of journeys, touching the lives of countless people across the world every day.

It creates wealth, employment and opportunities for economic development while linking individuals, families, society and businesses. Amadeus has earned a privileged leadership position in this industry and it is one that we aim to develop sustainably as well as profitably.

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Amadeus Global Report 2013
Luis Maroto
President & CEO
Executive Committee Team
Francisco Pérez-Lozao - Senior Vice President New Businesses
Julia Sattel - Senior Vice President Airline IT
Wolgang Krips - Executive Vice President Global Operations
Eberhard Haag - Executive Vice President Global Operations
Luis Maroto - President & CEO
Holger Taubmann - Senior Vice President Distribution
Sabine Hansen Peck - Senior Vice President Human Resources, Communications & Branding
Tomás López Fernebrand- Senior Vice President General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
Ana de Pro - Chief Financial Officer
Alex Luzárraga - Vice President Corporate Strategy
Hervé Couturier - Executive Vice President Research & Development
1. Corporate profile
Amadeus Corporate Profile
Our purpose as a company, the reason we exist, is to work with our customers, partners and other industry players to shape the future of travel.
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2. Amadeus and the travel industry
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"Our ambition is to facilitate the entire travel journey from door-to-door while improving the travel experience. We have more than 12,000 people in 200 countries excited about and working towards this ambition."
Luis Maroto
President & CEO Amadeus IT Group
3. Amadeus business model and highlights 2013
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Amadeus operates at the crossroads of two large and growing industries: technology and travel. In terms of our Distribution business, we are a key player in the travel and tourism industry, one of the most important sectors in most countries worldwide. In terms of our IT business, we provide products and services designed for the needs of travel and tourism industry providers, therefore being part of the ‘travel technology’ industry.

Amadeus Business Model
4. Diversification into new businesses
"The digital evolution in our society is heavily impacting the travel industry. Ideally, travel providers such as airlines, hoteliers and airports would like to know where the traveller is at any time, to be able to optimise their operations and provide better services. All players, including Amadeus, need to adapt to this new environment. For example, in the future, a mobile device will facilitate check-in/out of hotels and also serve as the key to the assigned room."
Francisco Pérez-Lozao - Senior Vice President
New Businesses Amadeus IT Group
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Amadeus strategic framework
5. Amadeus strategic framework

Our strategy is aimed at creating value in the short, medium and long term in a sustainable manner by addressing all the challenges and opportunities that the company faces in its environment. Our strategy framework is based on our collective ambition to shape the future of travel. Our strategy’s execution relies on three key assets: our innovative technology; a talented, highly performing and engaged base of employees; and well-defined corporate governance. It also recognises the fundamental role of our culture and our values in achieving our goals.

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6. Research, development and innovation
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Amadeus R&D is the part of the organisation that has the responsibility of building innovative solutions for our customers. These solutions are based on a wide range of core products and components which are integrated for the specific needs of customers.

7. Environmental and social commitment
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Our aim as a corporation goes beyond commercial growth, to ensure we make a positive contribution to our industry and to society in general. Our commitment is to develop a socially responsible and sustainable business that will bring long-term rewards to all our stakeholders.

enviromental graphic
8. Amadeus people

Our people – with their competencies, skills and attitudes – and our company culture are unique assets for Amadeus; a real competitive advantage that differentiates us in the way we interact with our customers and all industry players. We put employees at the centre of the organisation by providing support and the right work environment to help them perform and achieve their professional goals.

Workforce over
12,000 people
A diverse team in
195 countries
in average FTEs vs 2012
active contracts
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9. Customers first
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Our company value ‘Customers first’ reflects the company’s committed approach towards the success of our clients. It is a key strategic byword for Amadeus to ensure that we deliver efficiency and operational excellence. We focus on building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships.

10. Our commitment to shareholders
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"We have a clear strategy, a robust business model and we consistently deliver value to our stakeholders. This explains our strong results in 2013 and it is the platform for future success. The aim of our Investor Relations activity is to contribute to this value generation through two-way communication with actual shareholders and potential investors."

Ana de Pro
Chief Financial Officer, Amadeus IT Group
11. Corporate Governance: transparency and integrity
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The corporate governance policies and procedures we use are designed to help Amadeus achieve its general objectives and to protect the interests of shareholders.

12. Facing the future
"Sustainable travel is a direction, not a destination."
Tomás López Fernebrand - Senior Vice President
General Counsel & Corporate Secretary Amadeus IT Group
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