Discover Amadeus Airline Fare Families

Listening to the needs of travellers helps us to offer the most suitable services for their trip. For instance, a passenger may fly in and out on the same day for a business meeting without needing any luggage, but instead might appreciate access to a VIP area or the option to change tickets or book a seat. If the same passenger then flies at a weekend with his family, he might instead prefer a luggage allowance and food meals on board.

The easiest and fastest way of managing the vast array of fares offered by airlines is to group them according to services and conditions. For example:

  • Whether the fare allows for reimbursement
  • Whether the fare allows for changes
  • Whether the fare incurs a penalty
  • Whether any ancillary services are already included in the fare, not available or available at an extra charge

33 airlines are currently part of the Amadeus Airline Fare Families in the United Kingdom, but this number is growing. Check FQNAFF/CXR to see an up-to-date list.

How can Amadeus Airline Fare Families help you?

  1. It groups fares into families, simplifying information and creating transparency for the traveller



  2. It offers the most competitive fare, as well as alternative fares with superior services and conditions. It is clear, fast and easy to identify what each fare includes and its price. If the customer wishes to choose a different fare, you only need to select the desired fare number

    > FXY

    > FXU3

  3. Build loyalty with the customer by offering the best travel option for each occasion. Customers always remember a good shopping experience and customer service, so they'll remember you and return for future trips


  4. Promote the sale of higher fares that include complementary payment services. This means increased commissions, service fee payments and discounts for bulk purchases. It also strengthens your relationships and negotiating position with airlines

    > SM2
    > ST/16F
    > FXG

Check out the airline ancillary services available in Amadeus in each country