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Breaking all barriers Amadeus Master Pricer

When today’s travelers search for airfare deals online, they expect the lowest, most relevant bookable prices - FAST! Amadeus Master Pricer, used by the world’s leading online and search travel companies, delivers the best comprehensive low fare search and shopping solution available.

A solution for every travel retailer! Whether you access content through a web service or travel agent desktop, Amadeus Master Pricer helps you improve traffic, boost conversion and increase revenue.

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Amadeus master pricer

Breaking all barriers by delivering more options, the highest level of bookable fares and industry leading speed! *Note: Some features may vary, depending on airline carriers and the way you access Amadeus Master Pricer

Amadeus Master Pricer offers options that include the benefits of the standard product but with additional features to suit your unique business needs.


Amadeus Master Pricer Instant Search


Amadeus Master Pricer Extreme Search


Amadeus Master Pricer Value Search


Amadeus All
Fares Plus

Best for travel professionals seeking a supercharged low fare search option for their desktop solution

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Amadeus All Fares Plus

Access to leading low fare search technology at a whole new level via Amadeus Selling Platform & Amadeus Selling Platform Connect
  • Offer up to 250 recommendations, including +/ - 3 day calendar view, featuring the lowest fares and wide date ranges
  • Deliver targeted results using advanced search criteria like airport radius and one-way, combinable fares
  • Beat existing Amadeus PNR; search and offer savings on booked PNRs
  • Work efficiently with user-friendly graphical interface and web-based technology

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