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Cutting-edge technology

Our easy-to-use APIs will let you access one of the world's largest repositories of travel records as well as our industry-leading technologies such as flight search, hotel content, travel intelligence and much more.


Amadeus for Startups community

Amadeus Next is the leading travel tech community in Asia Pacific that nurtures startups by providing access to Amadeus technology, expertise, reach and funding.

Our strategic alliance with Travel Startups Incubator, an industry first, matches you with the best-in-class technology and consulting services and connects you with key resources that help you move your business forward.

Voyager HQ is the club for innovators in the travel, leisure, and hospitality industry, connecting startup founders with investors, corporate partners and a network of like-minded entrepreneurs and mentors.

An end-to-end travel solutions provider offering a unique combination of specialized services, including sophisticated travel agency technology and user-friendly tools, a travel benefits program with integrated marketing, and professional travel consulting services.

Making travel better together

Amadeus knows that startups need a strong technology partner. Our expertise, solutions and people are focused on helping you expand and grow. Amadeus has a program or solution for travel startups at any stage.

OTA and search companies

Seeking web services or leading search products


Seeking data, travel intelligence & access to
best-in-class travel APIs

Travel content

Looking for distribution opportunities

Companies seeking funding

Interested in funding or advisory services

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    The future of travel depends on the innovation, energy and creativity fueled by today’s startup community. Amadeus is honored to work with these and so many other innovative, disruptive travel companies. Their feedback, collaboration and creative use of our solutions is what drives us to continuously evolve and grow. Amadeus powers the companies that power travel.

    "Amadeus is absolutely the best source for all travel-related inventory. Search results are speedy and in-depth. They provided outstanding customer service, especially through the technical stage."

    Robin Garrett

    "We wanted a partner who would be willing to co-create with us, and would welcome new thinking, and apply their wisdom to our mission."

    Stephenie Rodriguez
    CEO & Founder

    "Working with Amadeus has been great! They guided us step-by-step through the process, and helped us launch a smooth integration."

    Steve E. Drake
    Director, Education & Business Analysis

    "Amadeus was highly responsive to our first outreach, curious about our idea and fully supportive of our team!"

    Sheli Gupta
    Co-founder & CEO

    "Taking our startup from the ground up Amadeus made a complex process easy. They truly know the industry and have made a difference in our company as we continue to grow!"

    Elias Mwita

    "By allowing us to focus on our vision of building a great service for our customers, Amadeus has been a critical partner to us."

    Charles Ralston
    Founder & CEO

    "With Amadeus’ amazing technology, we not only respond faster to customer queries, but we’ve been able to customize our offerings and more effectively expand our business horizons."

    Senthil Kumar Ramaraj

    "We received invaluable guidance and patient support. Amadeus connected us with travel industry partners we would never have found otherwise."

    Chris Nordean

    "Throughout every stage of our growth Amadeus helped us with 24/7 support. They provided the best technology and solutions to increase our efficiency and selling opportunities."

    Anu Singh


    Amadeus provides the technology that keeps the travel sector moving – from initial search to making a booking, from pricing to ticketing, from managing reservations to managing check-in and departure processes.

    We facilitate the entire travel journey from door-to-door, improving the travel experience for hundreds of millions of people every year. We do this by joining up and connecting key players in the travel industry: travel agencies, corporations, airlines, airports, hotels, railways and more. We give those companies the right travel booking solutions and tools to serve travelers better and to manage their own business more effectively. Our people, our technology and our innovation are dedicated to working with our customers and partners to shape the future of travel.

    Amadeus for Startups is an industry-first program that supports startups with technology and expertise enabling them to tap into applications for travel reservations, and connect and serve customers effectively and efficiently. Since Amadeus sits at the intersection of travel and technology, we are uniquely positioned to support all players in the travel arena and fast track their success.

    Amadeus for Startups is interested in working with the best, high-potential startups. As such, the program offers access to Amadeus’ cutting-edge travel technology, global community, online travel experts, carefully selected alliances with incubators and consultancies, specialized services and training and commercial benefits tailored for the unique challenges startups face. We want all of our startups to succeed, so we are committed to providing first-in-class travel business services, tools, resources and guidance to launch and scale their business!

    No, Amadeus for Startups is a next-gen commercial program designed to support and assist startups in their launch with Amadeus’ best-in-class technology, and provide direct access to the experts in online travel. Amadeus for Startups also provides the connections through relationships with a curated network of incubators, investors and consultancies.

    Amadeus for Startups does not directly invest or take equity from startups. However, we work closely with Amadeus Ventures, our corporate venture capital fund focusing on early-stage investments in startups sitting at the crossroads of travel and technology, as well as select third-party investment groups. If your startup is a match for their portfolio, we would be happy to make an introduction!

    That’s OK! If you have an idea that could shape the future of travel, we would love to help you realize your dream. We work with startups in all phases of development and even offer a developer’s sandbox for our APIs to develop, test, and launch your product.

    We get excited by all things travel technology, with a particular focus on: Instant search, Big data, AI, Mobile, Group travel and IoT. Really, we are here to help launch any startup that can utilize Amadeus’ APIs or has interest in any of our product families, travel booking services and travel booking solutions.

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