Amadeus - World Passenger Symposium Journey

World Passenger Symposium Journey

The global travel ecosystem: a more personalized traveler journey

Imagine a world where the right product is delivered to the right traveler at the right time through the channel of their choosing. And it’s all done in a way that inspires, informs and excites them.

We’re creating that world by taking the complexity out of travel buying. We’re evolving travel shopping to ensure travelers have an efficient, effective and enjoyable and richer experience.

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Our vision is to provide an enhanced and more personalized service to connect airlines, other travel providers, travel agencies and travelers in an intelligent and open global travel ecosystem that matches supply with demand in real-time.

Driven by technological change, increased consumer sophistication and the demand for more personalization, we’ve created the tools for travel providers and travel sellers to continually and consistently offer their customers the journeys they deserve: through a single customer view that gives providers and subscribers the ability to access and manage the traveler through one single integrated platform at every stage of their journey.

This means a richer experience for all, from that first moment of inspiration to beyond the end of the trip. It could also mean unlocking more than $130 billion of revenues for airlines by 2020.

Amadeus can deliver this. And here’s how we can do it…

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Travelers or their travel planner can search dynamically online, using just an approximate budget, a desired activity or an idea of timeframes.

An interactive map will provide all of the possible trip options instantly and users can create their own collaborative experience, connecting with anyone, anywhere, anytime, using real-time social planning.

Amadeus won the TNOOZ Thack event for its Soiree mobile app that inspires travelers by socially connecting lovers of specific destinations.

Amadeus' Affinity Shopper technology was the winner of a PhoCusWright Innovation Award in 2011 whilst Amadeus’ Travel Seeker app allows travelers to browse hundreds of flights and fares directly from their tablet, scoping the weather, activities and points of interest.

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The challenge is to refine travel requirements for business or leisure to provide in real-time a short-list of appropriate and personalized trip options that meet specific needs.

With this in mind travelers must have a much more connected and personalized shopping experience across all devices. They will be able to enjoy a singular experience, whether looking for inclusive on-board packages or cross-selling offerings. Smart personalized analytics will allow ancillary product and service options to be delivered based on personal preference and past behaviours, and using detailed customer profiles and discussions with travel companions.

  • Personalized packages can increase basket size by as much as €30-35 for airlines, while branded fares can increase basket size by €12-15 for airlines and peer recommendations can increase conversion by 2%*. ‘Thinking Like A Retailer’

  • Our Travel Intelligence service is delivering powerful BI capability to airlines and travel agencies, facilitating personalization, while our Amadeus Airline Ancillary Services solution is helping 60 airlines to merchandise ancillary products across multiple channels, with 50 travel agencies live in over 90 markets.

  • The Amadeus system contains 690,000 hotel properties, 100 rail operators, 36,000 car rental locations and 20 ferry operators. Amadeus operates the world's largest network of travel agency subscribers with a > 40% market share.

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Real-time integration of an airline's full product offering with complimentary providers creates less purchase friction for travelers and providers, enabling greater choice and accuracy and increasing conversion.

Targeted options for ancillary products at the point of purchase allow travelers to further personalize their experience, including opportunities to bid for cabin upgrades and SMS updates about when friends are travelling – offering the chance to choose seats next to each other.

Bidding can increase ancillary revenue by 2% for airlines, while SMS reminders can improve conversion by 2%*. ‘Thinking Like A Retailer’

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Before leaving home, travelers can be alerted, via mobile push notifications, whether bids have been successful.

They can also receive new offers from a range of travel providers, such as extra legroom and updating the boarding pass automatically. Travelers will also benefit from a contextual and tailored approach to managing unforeseen changes. Relevant, personalized alerts will be delivered to travelers, covering almost every eventuality.

Push notification on mobile can increase conversion by 10%*.‘Thinking Like A Retailer’

Amadeus Ticket Changer delivers an average revenue protection of €40 per miscalculated ticket reissuance (estimated 30% of manually reissued tickets are considered to have errors).

As a first application of ambitious plans in mobile, Check my Trip provides millions of users with one single access to any airline reservation made on Amadeus.

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During the journey, from door to door, travelers will continue to have options to tailor their experience.

On-board cross-selling brings connected travelers to the cloud, with dynamic on-screen purchasing including Wi-Fi, entertainment and destination packages with preferential pricing offers for local restaurants and other amenities.

Merchandising systems integrated into travel provider apps can also offer local information and offers, by drawing on a wide range of third party destination content.

Geolocation information can enable fast track boarding and auto check-in messages can provide comfort for travelers delayed en-route to the airport. When they arrive, travelers can receive mobile promotions for discounts in shops at the airport terminal.

Third party promotional deals represent an increase in ancillary revenue of 10-15% and can increase repeat sales by 60-70%*. ‘Thinking Like A Retailer’

With ACUS, agents at the airport can react faster to any irregular operations and peaks in passenger flows from mobile devices.

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The customer experience continues after the journey ends, with smart automated expense reporting for business travelers, carefully separating personal and business costs, using pre-existing payment information.

Travelers can review elements of the trip on social media, including the airline experience, leading to personalized offers which are based on suggestions made by other travelers.

Context aware email can increase conversion by 5%. 25% of travelers purchase ancillary services once they arrive at their destination*. ‘Thinking Like A Retailer’

Amadeus Loyalty solutions are used by 30+ airlines in over 20 countries around the world. Amadeus is also expanding its user generated content capability by collecting certified user reviews of their travel experience.

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Only Amadeus has the knowledge, skills and expertise to bring this vision of a new open, intelligent, dynamic and customer-centric global travel ecosystem together for the benefit of the industry.

Embracing a customer centric approach across the entire travel journey, and with a single view of the traveler, our integrated systems can deliver multiple products and services across a number of segments as part of a complete, end-to-end travel experience.

We are the largest travel provider across travel agencies and airlines. We are the largest GDS by market share in the world. We hold the number one position in PSS by passengers boarded. We are growing our business in airports, hotels, and rail. We are launching new areas of focus, such as our travel intelligence and payments businesses. We are also present in 195 countries around the globe.

All of this combined means only Amadeus can bring this vision to life. In fact we’re already delivering it.

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