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Amadeus India Training

The Amadeus training network:

Amadeus has 13 well –equipped, state-of-the-art training centers in the Indian subcontinent. These are located at the following cities:

  • Delhi 
  • Mumbai 
  • Ahmedabad 
  • Pune 
  • Kolkata 
  • Bangalore 
  • Chennai 
  • Trivandrum 
  • Hyderabad 
  • Cochin 
  • Kathmandu 
  • Colombo 
  • Dhaka

A team of well-qualified and experienced in-house trainers conduct the training. Our trainers are regularly put through advanced training programmes to continuously update their knowledge and hone their skills. In Amadeus locations where there is no formal training centre, agents are invited for a one to one training within the office premises or the agents are trained at their agency locations itself.

Amadeus India training initiatives have been widely recognized and accepted, and this is substantiated by the fact that Amadeus India was the recipient of the PATA Grand Award for excellence in the field of training in the year 2001.

The Amadeus repertoire of courses:

Amadeus India conducts the following certified training courses:

  • Enter the World of Amadeus Selling Platform 
  • Enter the World of Automated Ticketing (Vista) 
  • Amadeus Negotiated Fares Training

Apart from this, the following short-term courses are conducted

  • Amadeus Fares 
  • Amadeus Hotels 
  • Amadeus Customer Profiles 
  • Product Presentations and demonstrations 
  • Amadeus Time Saving Shortcuts 
  • Automated Refunds 
  • Electronic Ticketing 
  • Refresher trainings

Amadeus also provides training support to airlines and other travel service providers as per their requirement.

Interested parties can enroll for any of these courses through the Web training registration service.

Amadeus has initiated tie-up with various distinguished training institutes as well to mould the future entrants into the travel field.

Soft Skills Training Initiative
At Amadeus India, we believe in providing the latest automation travel solutions for our clients. As another stepping-stone towards providing an effective customer service, we have initiated “Soft Skills” trainings for our customers.

Some of the modules we have conducted are:

  • Customer Service Excellence 
  • Professional Selling Skills 
  • Body Language 
  • Time Management

The trainings are customizable as per client requirement in terms of training content (focus areas) and duration.