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Preferential placement helps attract booking agents and guests to your property

Posted on March 2015

According to numerous research studies, the majority of hotel bookings are made from the first hotel screens viewed, indicating that screen placement clearly does make a difference.  With over 1 billion multi-availability hotel transactions made on Amadeus each year, is there a way to make your hotel stand out from the crowd?  The answer is YES, there is! The solution is Amadeus Instant Preference.

What is Amadeus Instant Preference?

Imagine the impact of having your hotel preferentially placed on hotel availability and listing screens for your city destination! Thousands more bookers would be instantly attracted to your property, increasing the opportunity to turn those viewings into bookings.

AIP is a powerful marketing tool which enables hotels to influence the placement of their property in the hotel list display. 

Amadeus Instant Preference (AIP) - part of the Amadeus Media Solutions portfolio - is a powerful marketing tool which enables both hotel chains and hotel properties, including small chains and independent hotel properties who are members of Amadeus LinkHotel, to influence the placement of their property in the hotel list and hotel multi-availability display. This ultimately gives hotels the opportunity to take advantage of higher yield and premium bookings by Amadeus’ network of travel professionals

How it works is pretty simple: Let’s say you have a property in Toulouse and you subscribe to AIP from the 1st March 2015 to the 1st March 2016. Every time that any travel agent anywhere searches on Amadeus for a hotel in Toulouse for stays during the period 1 March 2015 to 1 March 2016, your property will be one of the first to be displayed.  If the travel agent enters additional search criteria such as a swimming pool or Wi-Fi and your hotel fulfils these criteria – even better – you will continue to appear upfront above non-subscribing properties.

How will it help my hotel get more bookings?

By securing placement on the key hotel shopping screens, you give your hotel instant, increased visibility and therefore more opportunities to drive bookings to that property.  Even if the hotel doesn't receive a booking every time (not an exact client match), you are creating more awareness of your hotel's location, name and brand.

How do I subscribe?

  1. Identify which hotel properties you wish to market and provide us with the relevant hotel property code.
  2. Decide which 6 or 12 month period you would like to market your hotel property.
  3. If your hotel is located in the Americas, contact  to obtain and sign the AIP agreement, if your hotel is located outside of the Americas, contact to obtain and sign the AIP agreement.
  4. Upon receipt of the signed contract, your property will be activated in the Amadeus database and given preferential placement on availability screens for the subscription dates.
  5. Once your property is activated, your sales representative will provide you with a screenshot as proof of your property’s priority placement.

Do agents know I have purchased priority placement?

No, the beauty of AIP is that you are marketing your hotel in a completely seamless way to the agent or booker as AIP properties are not flagged or highlighted in any way. 

For example, in the screenshot below, Candlewood Suites Time Square  is an AIP participant and is featured at the top of the hotel availability display!  Should any other properties be AIP subscribers for the same destination and dates, all AIP hotels will be displayed in random order before non-AIP properties.

It is very important to note however, that your hotel must be offering competitive rates using the standard, public rate codes (e.g. COR, PRO), have open availability and provide suitable amenities/services which appeal to the travellers you are targeting. Last but not least, we encourage you to maintain LRA (Last Room Availability) in Amadeus to ensure that your hotel remains open (until sold) when agents make their search.

To learn more about Amadeus Instant Preference, email your enquiry to the following emails depending on the location of your hotel and you will be put in contact with the designated sales team. Enquiries from the Americas to and enquires from outside the Americas to