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Amadeus Hotel Insight - The Ultimate 'Data Playground'

Posted on May 2014

Amadeus Hotel Insight is our new online business intelligence tool which allows hotels to track their performance, analyse booking patterns and identify new business opportunities. It is the result of several months of development, piloting and fine-tuning in close collaboration with numerous hotel partners.  The first prototype of Amadeus Hotel Insight was showcased around the HEDNA event in 2012, and was then thoroughly tested and refined until we were satisfied it met the needs of all of our hotel customers.  Since its launch in October 2013, Amadeus Hotel Insight has been rolled out to 30 hotel chains and representation companies, with 30 more in the pipeline for 2014. 

"Your new reporting tool covers all our needs. Congratulations - great job!"

As one of our Amadeus Hotel Insight customers said: "Your new reporting tool covers all our needs.  You have taken the time to listen to us and have delivered exactly what we were looking for.  Congratulations - great job!"  We couldn't ask for greater endorsement than that!

Why was Amadeus Hotel Insight developed?

Let's take a step back to 2011 and our Customer Satisfaction Survey.  When discussing hoteliers' perception of the Amadeus billing information (ABI)  we provide and how it is used, we discovered that although the information was extremely content-rich (which includes all fulfilled booking records across markets, agencies, rate codes, properties), it was not easy to extract meaningful business intelligence.  A common theme emerged from our survey respondents:

“I need an easier way to access my reports”
“I need to know where the opportunities are,  and faster?”

“I often need to call my Account Manager to see where the business opportunities are”
“The reports you provide have great information but they are heavy”

With this first-hand feedback, our objective in creating Amadeus Hotel Insight was two-fold:

  • provide hoteliers with a user-friendly interface to mine booking data in order to generate business intelligence reports, on-demand.
  • allow Account Managers to spend quality time with their clients delivering consultancy and advisory services, rather than producing ad hoc performance reports.

So what makes Amadeus Hotel Insight different and exciting?

Firstly, Amadeus Hotel Insight is a cloud-based interface meaning that it be accessed via a simple internet connection, giving hoteliers 24/7 secure access to their Amadeus performance data for all properties and across all markets. 

Cloud-based interface giving hoteliers 24/7 access to their Amadeus performance data. 

You can check how a campaign has worked in South Africa or understand how your top corporate rate codes are performing with Scandinavia's key TMCs, and much more with the tool's sophisticated functionalities:

  • advanced filtering capabilities allow you to mine your data in seconds, producing instant graphics to display trends, performance, comparisons etc
  • visual dashboards let you slice and dice the data over time, across markets and down to brand and property level
  • reports can be exported to almost any format (Excel, PDF, JPG etc.) offering full flexibility in how the data is exported, managed and distributed

With Amadeus Hotel Insight, you can transform complex booking data into meaningful business intelligence to support planning and operational decision-making.

What can I do with this information?

An easier question might be 'what can't you do with it?' as the permutations are endless!  Each user has their own dashboard from which report queries are generated.  You select your key metrics and apply filters to generated customised reports, using simple drag and drop  technology.  You can then drill down, slice and dice the data over time periods, across markets, for a chain/property and even by agency and rate code to produce relevant and meaningful reports.

Select key metrics and apply filters to generate customised reports, using drag and drop technology.

And it doesn't end there!  You can display multiple reports on the same screen, zoom in to a particular element and then export the data or save the report query.  All this, in a matter of seconds.  Take a look at some of these examples:

But don't just take our word for it!  This is what Trust International had to say when we interviewed Elisabeth Kipoto-Koehler, Project & Electronic Distribution Manager at Trust International, to ask about her experience of using Amadeus Hotel Insight.

"It's a beautiful tool - I love it!"

When did you first come into contact with Amadeus Hotel Insight?

I was involved as part of the pilot project, so we were able to test the new tool and provide feedback and suggestions to Amadeus.  As a representation company, we look after many hotel chains so one of our requests was to be able to view bookings for both the whole organisation of Trust and also for each individual chain.  Amadeus was able to add this functionality which is great!

How long did it take you to master Amadeus Hotel Insight after you'd received training from the Amadeus team?

Although the training was definitely necessary for me, I picked up how to use the tool straight away and after 2 or 3 practices, I felt confident using the various dashboards.

What key differences have you noted using Amadeus Hotel Insight versus how you previously viewed your Amadeus performance results?

With the new tool, I can design the reports according to our clients’ needs.

Before, Amadeus provided the ad hoc reports on a monthly basis however at times there were delays in receiving the reports (a two month overlap) eventually rendering it non-effective in executing corrective measures. With the new tool, I can now access the reports online anytime and as well offers me the opportunity of designing the reports according to our clients’ needs.

How often do you use Amadeus Hotel Insight and what dashboards do you find most useful?

I use the tool at least twice a week to keep a close eye on the booking performance for each of our chains.  The dashboards I find most useful are: evolution of bookings per year, top 15 travel agencies making the highest number of bookings and top 15 source markets.

What do your own customers think of Amadeus Hotel Insight?

They really appreciate the detailed level of information we are able to give them which we provide in Excel format so they can carry out their own analysis of the booking data.  In an ideal world, we would give each chain access to their own business intelligence tool, but maintaining control of the data at head office also enables us to provide an important consultancy and advisory role to our hotel chains.

Can you describe a situation in which Amadeus Hotel Insight has helped with a planning or operational decision?

We always look at the source markets trends, an important business driver for customers, and this information is readily available with Amadeus Hotel Insight. 

Whilst trying to recruit a new hotel chain to Trust International, we always look at the source markets trends and overall growth which would be an important business driver for a new customer. This information is readily available with Amadeus Hotel Insight. We can quickly pick out the top booking producers by agency, market and even rate code which helps us show prospect hotels the potential in having their hotel distributed through Amadeus.

What tools or functionalities would be on your Amadeus Hotel Insight 'wish list' for the future?

Something that's really important to us is understanding the volume and source of passive bookings, so we would very much like that to be included in the dashboard options.  I'd also be interested in seeing the look-to-book ratio for each of our chains, so we can see if and why we are missing any booking opportunities.  Thank you!

Last but not least, how would you sum up Amadeus Hotel Insight in 3 words?

It's simply a beautiful tool with so many functionalities and if I had to choose 3 key attributes, they would be: INTUITIVE, MODERN, CENTRALISED.

We invite you to take a look at our online tutorials for Amadeus Hotel Insight, and please contact your Account Manager if you would like more information on the new business intelligence solution.