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Reinventing the Airport Ecosystem
  • How to efficiently handle multiple flights from different airlines?
  • How to ensure a consistent level of service to the passengers of competing airlines?
  • How to boost your productivity and optimise your services to airlines?

Amadeus Altéa Ground Handler solutions

It is with these challenges in mind, that Altéa Ground Handler Departure Control solutions was designed, enabling you to provide efficient departure control services to a range of airline customers, from the flight arrival until the next flight departure.

This solution, accessed through a single application sign-in, can be used throughout the airport, with as many as possible automated functions.

Ground handlers and handled carriers share the same platform, ensuring the availability of up-to-date data. Each airline’s business rules are integrated as well as an essential measure for best quality services.

This advanced solution is divided in 2 main modules:

  • Altéa Departure Control - Customer Management for Ground Handlers

    Altéa Ground Handler Departure Control - Customer Management

    "Transform your customer's experiences at the airport"

    Boosts productivity and optimises revenues whilst also enhancing the passenger experience through differentiated customer service.

  • Altéa Departure Control - Flight Management for Ground Handlers

    Altéa Ground Handler Departure Control - Flight Management

    "Achieve excellence for every flight departure"

    Reduces costs by optimising fuel requirements and significantly increases productivity to ensure an efficient ramp and load control every time.

    Two main options

    • Altéa Departure Control - Flight Management for Ground Handlers

      Altéa Ground Handler Mobile Ramp

      A flexible html GUI to manage ramp handling activities

      • Access using mobile tablets and web connection
      • Load Instruction Report accessed in real time
      • Updates do not require airport certification or software installed on airport workstations
    • Altéa Departure Control - Flight Management for Ground Handlers

      Altéa Ground Handler Mobile Freight

      Access to freight application using any computer or hand-held device through an internet connection

      • External or internal freight agent can enter cargo information and distribute it to flights
      • Secure access levels identical to Altéa Departure Control - Flight Management
      • No need to deploy the GUI and certify every version

We are extending our portfolio of solutions with two new products:

  • Altéa Reservation Desktop for Ground Handlers

    Altéa Ground Handler Reservation Desktop

    "Simplify ticketing, optimise services"

    Increases your ticketing agents productivity and optimises your service by enabling all agents to service all airlines via one intuitive single screen and with limited training effort.

  • Altéa Self-Service Check-in for Ground Handlers

    Altéa Ground Handler Self-Service Check-in

    "Empower travellers, satisfy your handled airlines"

    Improves your check-in services to airlines and maximizes your space at airport by allowing travellers to check-in when and where they want at all airports for all airlines using a modern, user-friendly self-check-in solution.

Beyond Altéa, a global offer to Ground Handlers

  • Amadeus Airport Contract & Billing

    Amadeus Airport Contract & Billing

    "Secure your partnerships, optimise your revenues"

    Maximises your revenues with all contracted elements at your disposal using mobile devices to ensure real-time tracking and invoicing of all services. Enhances your customer relations while containing your administration costs through a fully automated process that takes you from negotiation to final billing.

  • Amadeus Airport Self-Service Bag Drop

    Amadeus Airport Self-Service Bag Drop

    "Maximise speed, capacity and flexibility at check-in"

    Amadeus Airport Self-Service Bag Drop provides a simple, streamlined alternative to legacy baggage drop-off systems. It is a truly common use solution, hardware agnostic, that enables airports to securely manage the end-to-end flow of baggage, from the kiosk to the aircraft.

  • Amadeus Airport BRS

    Amadeus Airport BRS

    "Take your baggage services to the next level"

    Amadeus Airport BRS is an innovative baggage reconciliation solution, matching real-time passenger, flight and baggage data from check-in until flight departure. Our solution supports airports, airlines and ground handlers with the loading, tracking and management of baggage. It ensures baggage accuracy while enhancing the fast turn-around of aircraft and on-time departures.

    Our solution, centrally hosted from our world-class data center, is capable of handling any size operations from smaller regional carriers to large complex airports, while providing the same high level quality of service.

  • Amadeus Airport BRS

    Amadeus Airport Distribution

    "Drive more non-aeronautical revenues"

    Every day more than three million bookings are made through the Amadeus system and the employees of 6,000+ large corporations use Amadeus' tools to make their travel arrangements! Today, Amadeus is putting its strength as a leading global distribution system at the fingertips of airports and ground handlers with a new Amadeus Airport Distribution solution.

    One specific product Amadeus Airport Indirect Distribution gathers all bookable airport content and distributes this to travel agencies and business customers. For ground handlers in particular, services such as lounge access, door-to-door baggage services and short connections services can now be proposed and purchased early on in the travel process. With millions of corporate travellers and thousands of agencies using Amadeus, the scope for new sales is huge.

  • Amadeus Airport Common Use Service

    Amadeus Airport Common Use Service

    "Agility in shared-use"

    Amadeus Airport Common Use Service (ACUS) represents a leap forward in common use platforms. Leveraging cloud technology to deliver application virtualisation, ACUS brings greater business agility, operational resilience, scalability and flexibility to make passenger processing more efficient than ever before.

    ACUS is a highly-competitive, next-generation common use solution, which enables passenger processing systems to be accessed and deployed anywhere, on demand (both within and outside the airport terminal). ACUS is also fast and easy to implement and can be used on a PC, laptop or mobile device, once a secure network connection is in place. Our common use platform also contributes to achieving substantial cost savings, by eliminating the need for costly on-site servers and ongoing maintenance, as well as reducing energy costs. Providing airports, airlines and ground handlers with a complete end-to-end solution, ACUS is fully scalable and can be adapted to your unique business needs.

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