Wouldn't you agree that we live in an amazing time? Technology allows us to monitor our health, to give suggestions for dinner, to get a date, or to book a trip for our summer holiday - all from the palm of our hand.


Despite of all the technological progress, it's still a very daunting task to book a flight online.Online bookers make on average 121 visits to travel sites before purchase (source: Expedia Media Solutions).


A traveller wants all necessary information when booking a flight - including relevant add-ons. Hopping from one travel website to the next in order to make the best choice, but is often left frustrated.50% of air travellers started their customer journey without knowing which company or brand to book with (source: Google).


How can we assist this frustrated traveller to book the right flight?


Make it easier for the traveller to book the right flight by using our merchandising solutions.

Merchandising options

Ancillary services gives freedom of choice when booking a flight. But the add-ons offered must be relevant - and easy to book!Between 2018 and 2017, the sales of ancillaries increased by 70% (source: Amadeus internal).

Merchandising options

The Amadeus Fare Families helps travellers to book a flight by finding and recommending the best fare based on individual needs.There are more than 90 airlines with Amadeus Ancillary Services and over 40 airlines with Fare Families.

Merchandising options

The Amadeus Seat Map solution enables you to help the traveller pick the best seat.

More to come

The Amadeus Merchandising Marketplace is a new solution for post booking ancillary sales we're eager to introduce to you. Stay tuned!

Enable Growth

Let's give your customers easier travel booking with less frustration - and for you, better conversion and higher revenues!

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