Can you relate to this? You're taking care of your travellers. Making sure they will get where they want to be. It's always tight, but you make it happen.


Even the smallest mishap could mess up everything you have been balancing.


Now it's all hands on deck, trying to solve the situation and working hard to get back on track.

It might have a negative effect on the happiness of your travellers.


How are we able to prevent losing business, losing happy travellers or happy staff?

How can we prevent this glitch from happening?


Amadeus provides a number of solutions which will streamline your process of servicing your travellers with automation and communication tools. Making sure you are always a step ahead of whatever comes next.

Involuntary Change

For example, in the case of a strike, you can make use of Amadeus Mobile Messenger to locate and communicate with your travellers, in only one minute.

Amadeus Offers lets you send clear travel alternatives to your travellers which they can accept in one click. This takes two minutes.

Use Amadeus Ticket Changer Involuntary Reissue if rebooking the ticket is the case. If it's not, Amadeus Ticket Changer Refund will help your travellers get their money back. Each option takes about two minutes.

When all changes have been made, you can easily send out the updated itinerary in a professional way by using Amadeus Dynamic Travel Document.


Deal with involuntary changes more efficiently, so that your travellers keep having positive travel experiences.

Improve the happiness of your travellers

Ensure loyalty amongst travellers

Keep staff happy with less stress

Free up time to grow your business

Enable Growth

By managing scheduled and involuntary changes quicker, your customer satisfaction will improve and your travel agents will get more time to focus on growing your business.

Let's do the math

Imagine a situation where you are impacted by a disruptive event. How long does it take you to:

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