Challenges in business travel

What are your challenges?

Whether your corporation is at the high end of sophistication when it comes to managing travel & expense budgets or whether you are at the start of enhancing your organisation’s travel processes, we’ve identified some of the key challenges you are facing.

Challenge 1: Optimising travel spend

With continued growth expected in travel spend worldwide 85% of corporations have controlling direct costs as their #1 priority. An end-to-end solution will provide:

10% savings

on direct costs through better cost control, better insight into travel costs and budgets and analysis of travel policies.
(Amadeus European Business Travel Trends study, April 2015)

Challenge 2: Optimising processes

Promoting mobile apps to increase traveller efficiency on the go and streamlining expense management processes are ranked as high priority respectively by 60% and 51% of the travel managers.

Average cost of manual expense


Average cost of automatic expense


(2015 Travel and Expense Management Report – Paystream advisors)

Challenge 3: Keeping your employees focused while travelling

An end-to-end solution helps your employees to focus on what is important while travelling with time-saving seamless planning, booking and expense reporting; accelerated reimbursement, support on the go and minimum to do when back at the office.

“Changes to bookings” is the 3rd main pain-point for travellers

(Amadeus Travellers Survey 2010)

Challenge 4: Choosing the right technology partner

With Amadeus, you choose an established global leader (14,000 employees, 195 countries), with financial stability, data security and regularly rated as #1 R&D investor (in the travel and tourism industry in Europe). Amadeus has gained its IT Travel Expertise on

11.000+Successful customer implementations.
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