White paper

Asian business travellers: Five things you need to know

whitepaperAsia has become the epicentre of growth for business travel. Already the region is the world’s largest market, accounting for more than a third of US$1 trillion in annual spending globally, and growth over the next few years is expected to dwarf that of other markets. By one estimate, between 2014 and 2018, business travel spending in Asia is projected to grow four times as fast as in North America and more than twice as fast as in Europe.

This research, based on surveys, quantitative and qualitative data,
led to five significant insights about business travellers in Asia:

  • Employee empowerment is rising
  • Asian business travellers seek convenience and crave travel experiences
  • Asian business travellers demonstrate clear differences among countries
  • Four Asian business traveller archetypes emerge
  • Business travel is susceptible to the same disruptive forces as leisure