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Jul 20, 2015

Survey indicates travellers in Sub-Saharan Africa prefer to outsource planning

One of the tribes identified in our Future Traveller Tribes 2030 reports, Simplicity Searchers, value...


Jul 17, 2015

Meet Shinu – a family traveller who values convenience above all

Meet Shinu. She’s a mother-of-one living in Perth, away from her home country. Shinu usually travels...


Jul 14, 2015

Looking to the horizon of Managed travel 3.0

With the summer starting most of us ‘road warriors’ are happy to see our calendars free up and business...


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Jul 22, 2015

Creating the perfect blend for more personalised travel

Ever wondered what it is about your regular coffee shop that makes you return, time after time? It could...


Jul 15, 2015

Business travel: How a little personalisation can go a long way

Close your eyes and imagine your next business trip. Speedy boarding to avoid being stuck behind that...


Jul 01, 2015

Knowledge is Power: Standing out in today’s travel market

What if travel agents were able to have a clear picture of new markets before they expand? What if they...


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