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Amadeus Printmytrip allows travel agencies to customise printable travel itineraries enabling you the opportunity to promote your brand and up-sell your services with customisable information and images prepared for immediate delivery via direct, e-mail or fax. Your customers will have a more informative, professional travel document.
Customise itineraries and e-tickets with your own brand

Amadeus Printmytrip can be tailored to ensure that all travel itineraries and e-tickets carry your agency’s brand (by displaying Travel Agency’s logo or other assigned image) representing the professional image of your business.

Easy-to-read document

Amadeus Printmytrip formats the itinerary and e-ticket information into an easy-to-read document for your customers. The layout is clear with separate headings, making it easy for your customer to view the information.

Additional helpful information for your customer

Amadeus Printmytrip allows you to add a variety of helpful information to the documents according to your customer’s needs. For example, airline contact number, weather forecast, emergency contact number, personal remarks, etc.

Accurate and updated trip details

Amadeus Printmytrip is fully integrated with Amadeus Selling Platform. There is no re-keying or modification of booking or ticket information. You can be confident that the trip
information shown in the documents are accurate and updated. All details available from Amadeus Selling Platform are included e.g. seat numbers, meals, frequent flyer number, itinerary remarks, fares, taxes and so on.