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Amadeus’s Advanced Platform for Business System Technology, PROPworks® Property and Revenue Management System, is a highly configurable off-the-shelf software solution used at airport facilities of all size and scope.

PROPworks® is unique because it does not need to be customized to meet the needs of any airport; it only needs to be configured. This comprehensive software solution and powerful billing engine is designed to manage the mass of tenant, property, and revenue-related information needed to operate airports efficiently and effectively.

Additionally, PROPworks® can be interfaced with any commercial, open-architecture financial system.

The PROPworks® system core modules include:

  • Agreement Management
  • Billing/Invoicing Management
  • Company/Contact Management
  • Concessions Sales Management
  • Events, Ticklers, and Notifications

PROPworks® optional modules include:

  • Aeronautical Statistics
  • Carrier Activity Tracking
  • Cash Posting/Financial Systems Interface
  • Insurance and Surety Management
  • Revenue and Expense Tracking
  • Space Management
  • Utility Management

Utilized in four of the five busiest U.S. airports, PROPworks® is also scalable to meet a variety of sizing needs from the smallest to largest of airports. Regardless of size, airports face many challenges in managing their business. Whether the need is for an onsite wholly integrated installation or connection to a hosted cloud solution, PROPworks® is designed to reduce costs, optimize cash flow, and improve operational efficiencies.

Amadeus PROPworks Solution Sheet

AAAE AIRPORT Magazine Article: May, 2014

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PROPworks® Optimizes Airport Property & Revenue Management