Revenue integrity. Solutions to get the maximum revenue for every seat

Optimising revenue requires a full suite of perfectly integrated new generation solutions, which can address the industry challenges of today and tomorrow.
  • Amadeus Revenue Integrity Platform

    Amadeus Revenue Integrity Platform

    Analyses relevant information and takes appropriate actions to minimise revenue leakage at any source or stage from shopping to post-travel

  • Revenue Integrity Core Functions

    Revenue Integrity Core Functions

    Enables you to plug leaks in your revenue stream by eliminating earlier non-productive bookings

  • Automated Ticketing Limit

    Automated Ticketing Limit

    Reduces revenue leakage caused by unproductive bookings by ensuring travel agency bookings are compliant with your respective ticketing policies

  • Altéa e-Ticket Synchroniser

    Altéa e-Ticket Synchroniser

    Ensures that your e-tickets are always synchronised in the event of booking changes

  • Amadeus Sales Watcher

    Amadeus Sales Watcher

    Monitor, audit and report airlines' electronic sales coming from any channel in real time in order to limit frauds and loss of revenues

  • Name Change Controller

    Name Change Controller

    Prevents industry abuse by allowing you to control agent's ability to perform name changes

There will always be a continuing evolution of revenue management techniques to optimise revenues. The question is, will we have the right IT solutions in place to allow us to implement them?

Professor Peter Belobaba

MIT, Massachusets, USA