ATC Refund

ATC Refund Manage a fully automated ticket refund calculation process

ATC Refund overview

ATC Refund, part of the Amadeus Ticket Changer Suite, provides a fully automated ticket refund calculation process.

The ATC Refund calculation is based on ATPCO Rule Category 33 in which airlines code their Voluntary Refund conditions.

ATC Refund is fully integrated into the existing Auto Refund solution. Upon request of a refund, the ATC Refund function automatically fills in the refund mask and calculates the refund quantities.

ATC Refund is also available as a stand-alone solution available to any external customer applications via a dedicated Web Service or API verb.

Main ATC Refund features

Secure and guaranteed
  • The ATC Refund calculation is guaranteed by Amadeus
  • ATC Refund ensures the automated handling of the airline's specific refund policies for taxes and surcharges
Manage refunds for any type of ticket and any type of fare
  • Paper tickets issued in Amadeus
  • e-Tickets issued in Amadeus and any other GDS
  • International and domestic itineraries
  • Fully unused or partially used tickets
  • 1st issue and any re-validated tickets
  • Re-issued tickets (since April 11)
  • Award and upgraded tickets (future phase)
Full automation of the refund calculation process
  • Validation of the refund conditions filed in the ATPCO Rule Category 33
  • Calculation of the used fare amount
  • Calculation of the refundable fare amount
  • Calculation of the refundable taxes and surcharges
  • Calculation of the cancellation penalty amount

User interface

Amadeus Ticket Changer can be easily integrated into the interface of your direct sales channels.

Altéa Reservation Desktop Web

Interface for reservation agents

If you are not yet using Altéa Reservation Desktop, ATC Refund can be easily customised to fit the cryptic or graphical interface you are currently using.

Altéa Reservation Desktop Web

Interface for airline website

ATC Refund can be easily customised to fit the graphical customer interface of your website.

Business impact

With ATC Refund, you can achieve multiple business benefits:

  • Reduce the time spent on processing refunds

    From 15 - 30 mins to just a few seconds!

  • Remove the risks of errors and loss of revenues.

    No more Agency Debit Memos

  • Improve the overall customer experience

    Immediate system response!

  • No additional training required

    Just one new Auto Refund option to learn!

Who can use it?

ATC Refund can be used by any airline, with or without Amadeus Ticketing, as it is available both as a fully integrated refund solution, or as a standalone refund calculation module via API or Web Services.


Implementing ATC Refund is simpler once ATC Reissue implementation has taken place. We recommend filing and validating ATPCO Category 33 rules promptly to allow time to validate the refund calcuations with ATC Refund in test. The Amadeus implementation team is available to help you with this.

Why implement ATC Refund?

  • Protect your revenues by ensuring the correct ticket amount is refunded to each passenger
  • Achieve time savings of up to 80% in processing ticket refunds, especially for partially-flown tickets
  • Enjoy the security and flexibility of a truly international solution, supporting all currencies, tickets and sales channels