Ticketing. Solutions to minimise your selling cost

To stay competitive, airlines need to move quickly to a paperless ticketing environment and simplify ticket management processes.
  • Amadeus Ticketing Platform

    Amadeus Ticketing Platform

    Ideal for Altéa Reservation airlines still using their own ticketing platform, this solution offers an integrated ticketing platform to manage both paper and electronic tickets and full access to the Amadeus e-ticketing network

  • Amadeus e-Ticket Server

    Amadeus e-Ticket Server

    To manage electronic tickets and join the impressive Amadeus e-ticketing network

  • Amadeus Electronic Miscellaneous Documents Server

    Amadeus Electronic Miscellaneous Documents Server

    An electronic solution for you to issue, store, manage and distribute Electronic Miscellaneous Documents (EMD)

  • Amadeus Ticket Changer Suite

    Amadeus Ticket Changer Suite

    To automate the ticket reissue and refund processes and ensure collection of all applicable charges