Amadeus e-Retail

Amadeus e-Retail

Amadeus e-Retail overview

Amadeus e-Retail is the world's most widely-used airline Internet booking engine (airline IBE) that helps you maximise online sales. Its award-winning user interface offers the best-in-class customer experience and helps you deliver all types of travel booking services including domestic and international flights, car rental, hotels and insurance.

The Amadeus e-Retail online airline booking system is a fully customisable solution available in up to 35 languages, matching the needs of your airline and enabling rapid global roll-out. Hosted on Amadeus secure servers with a proven record of over 99.9% uptime, the airline IBE is upgraded three times each year to ensure it utilises the most advanced technology available.

Amadeus e-Retail powers over 300 websites for over 100 airlines in more than 110 countries around the world.

Key benefits

  • Reduce costs: Amadeus covers the costs of development, maintenance and hosting when you use the Amadeus e-Retail airline booking system. Your airline benefits from all enhancements made across the shared infrastructure, and joint development of community solutions and products.

  • Increase customer satisfaction: Offer your customers an efficient round-the-clock online airline booking system, as well as establish and maintain a strong, direct customer relationship while promoting your brand and services.

  • Increase revenue: Grow your airline's revenue and market share, especially in your domestic market, by expanding and strengthening your online presence.

Main features

  • Best-in-class faring and pricing capabilities: Including advanced low-fare search and an improved framework for special offers.

  • Electronic Tickets and Electronic Miscellaneous Documents: Fully integrated with online credit card validation.

  • Automation: Automatically sends e-mail confirmation for each booking.

  • Content capability: Ability to distribute a growing amount of additional content including car, hotel and insurance.

  • Customisation: Hundreds of customisable settings to choose from, allowing you to fully adapt the layout and structure of the airline booking system interface.

  • Multiple languages: Available in 35 languages.

  • Accessibility compliant

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Customer quote

We are using Amadeus e-Retail to provide a simple, flexible and customer-friendly booking platform that can support the expansion of American Airlines' international web presence. Amadeus has built a deep knowledge of international website requirements, including multi-language, multi-currency, multi-point-of-sale and multi-payment format prerequisites.

Cory Garner
Product Manager International