Altéa Self-Service Check-in

Altéa Self-Service Check-in Empower your customers

Product overview

Amadeus Altéa Self-Service Check-in helps you empower your customers with multiple options for check-in including airline kiosk check-in, internet, mobile, and automated check-in. It offers consistent and reliable customer service, regardless of the channel used. You can also take kiosk check-in a step further by adopting the new Altéa Self-Service Bag Drop application.

Amadeus' self-service check-in system helps airlines already using Amadeus Altéa Departure Control to develop and offer self-service check-in capabilities quickly and easily.

Altéa Self-Service Check-in also ensures an unrivalled level of flexibility and reliability thanks to its unique architecture and seamless integration with Amadeus Altéa Departure Control.

Key benefits

  • Increase customer satisfaction: Empower your customers to check-in using their preferred method, enhancing their travel experience.

  • Increase speed of development: Develop self-service check-in capabilities as fast as possible, with a comprehensive multi-channel solution to reduce check-in costs.

  • Maintain control: Maintain full control of your self-service check-in strategy while working with Amadeus as a single point of contact.

  • Seamless integration: Take advantage of perfect integration with Amadeus Altéa Departure Control to ensure consistency of customer service across all channels and options.

Main features

  • Multi-channel support: Amadeus Altéa Self-Service Check-in supports many integrated channels including Internet, kiosk, mobile, automated check-in.

  • Amadeus Altéa Self-Service Bag Drop: Allows your customers to independently drop off their bags after completing their kiosk check-in and printing their bag tags - a two-step process that will mean shorter queues at the airport. The solution works on any type of self-service bag drop hardware.

  • Modular capability:Fully-modular central administration and monitoring tools for your airline's self-service check-in system.

  • Check-in opening notification: Communicate with your passengers via mobile phone, informing them that check-in is open, and explaining their check-in options.

  • Mobile boarding pass compatibility: Your mobile boarding passes will be compatible with most mobile devices in the market, and also with main barcode standards. HTML5 and Apple Passbook are supported for offline storage of boarding passes.

  • Customisation: Personalise your airline branding, screen layout, language, text and process flows for your Amadeus self-service check-in system.

Screenshots and demos

The interface of Altéa Self-Service Check-in is fully customisable, regardless of the chosen channel. Branding, screen layout, text and language can all be modified to ensure a consistent and relevant approach to customer communication.

All screens are designed to be clear, intuitive and easy to use.

Internet check-in

Improve passenger experience by easier booking and check-in with no need for re-identification. Enable easy seat change selection.

Airline Kiosk check-in

Fully supported by agent check-in device, the kiosk offers passenger the ability to queue less and to perform their check-in by themselves. Benefit from its easy deployment. The calculation and payment of excess baggage at the kiosk is now possible.

Altéa Self-Service Bag Drop

The Altéa Self-Service Bag Drop application provides the capability for the airline’s customers to drop off their bags without the assistance of an Agent after they have completed their kiosk Check-in and printed their bag tags. This will facilitate the Baggage drop of process and help reducing queues at the bag Drop off points.

Mobile check-in

Fully paperless and all in hand, this solution offer passengers the ability to perform their check-in completely autonomously and to receive their mobile boarding pass which will also enable easier boarding.

Automated check-in

Automated check-in takes the process a step further: customers no longer need to do anything to check in.
24 hours before departure, passengers receive a message with their boarding pass. and can let the airline know if they have changed their travel plans by simply replying to this message. The number of no-shows is thus reduced.

Customer quote

Amadeus is continuously investing in innovative IT solutions, which enables us to improve specific processes. Altéa Self-Service Check-in is a good example: we needed to have a single provider solution that could offer comprehensive self-service via kiosk, mobile or Internet. Amadeus is developing it for us.

Kari Pauro
Altéa DCS Project Director