Customer Departure Control

Departure control solutions are critical for improving customers experiences and increasing efficiency. Amadeus offers a new generation departure control solution, which has been available to new customers since 2008.
  • Altéa Departure Control  Customer Management

    Altéa Departure Control Customer Management

    Ideal for enhancing customers' experience at the airport through differentiated customer service

  • Altéa Self-Service Check-in

    Altéa Self-Service Check-in

    A kiosk, internet, mobile and SMS solution to empower your customers

  • Altéa Airport Link

    Altéa Airport Link

    Ideal for establishing cost-effective communication links between your airport stations and the Amadeus Data Centre

  • Altéa Compensation Management

    Altéa Compensation Management

    Helps you to manage flight compensation and passenger care for travel disruptions more effectively, reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

  • Amadeus Airport BRS

    Amadeus Airport BRS

    An innovative baggage reconciliation solution, matching real-time passenger, flight and baggage data from check-in until flight departure.