Codeshare. Solutions to extend your marketing presence

New generation Codeshare enables you to easily implement and manage new partnership agreements, while eliminating discrepancies.
  • Altéa Block Space Codeshare

    Altéa Block Space Codeshare

    Ideal for managing block space codeshare agreements and operations as an integrated and efficient process - part of the core Altéa Suite

  • Altéa Free Flow Codeshare

    Altéa Free Flow Codeshare

    The optimal solution for rapidly implementing and effectively managing free flow codeshare agreements and operations, while guaranteeing seamless customer service

Code sharing is an essential element for establishing market presence and reinforcing networks, but is often very poorly executed. Customers will reward those airlines that are able to offer truly seamless codeshare servicing.

Nawal K. Taneja

Professor and Chairman

Department of Aviation
Ohio State University