Altéa Suiten

Altéa Suite overview

Amadeus Altéa Suite is a complete Passenger Service System that will help you turn your strategy into tangible results. It offers full reservation, inventory and departure control capabilities, and delivers a uniquely integrated solution.

Airline passenger service systems (PSS) are mission-critical and highly complex platforms. To migrate and operate such systems effectively requires a particularly high level of expertise. At Amadeus, we create a detailed migration plan to ensure a low-risk implementation process and protect critical business functions.

Implementing the entire Altéa Suite is the best way to reap the full value of a total business transformation and to make the move to next-generation processes immediately.

Key benefits

  • Empower your business strategy: Technically adaptable and scalable, Altéa can make immediate improvements to your operations today. And if tomorrow you need to change your strategy, Altéa will follow and adapt to your new business model.

  • Make your customers feel valued: Valued customers are happy and loyal customers, so we integrate the customer value concept into all critical customer interaction tasks including waitlist clearance, re-accommodation, compensation management, check-in, seat allocation, onload and regrade. This means you can offer a unique level of personalised service to your most valuable customers: your frequent flyers.

  • Increase efficiency through automation: The Altéa Suite is highly-automated, with guided workflows to enforce your policies and Graphical User interfaces throughout the suite to increase your operational efficiency, and protect and optimise your revenues. Processes are simplified, not only for your staff but also for the passenger, and you will be able to redeploy staff and shift focus to areas where you can add the most value.

  • Create synergies with your business partners: The Altéa Suite supports all kinds of airline partnerships and is compliant with the requirements of all three airline alliances.

  • Enhance data accuracy: Eliminate data duplication by working with a single PNR, customer profile, schedule, seat map and codeshare record. With Altéa you can finally access data for all your channels from a single data source.

Main Altéa Suite components

The main Altéa Suite features 3 core components, which are critical to embracing the full customer management process:

Altéa Reservation

Altéa Reservation

  • Customer Profiles
  • Availability and bookings
  • Fares and Pricing
  • Ticketing and payment

Altéa Inventory

Altéa Inventory

  • Inventory control
  • Schedule management
  • Re-accomodation
  • Seating management
  • Customer value
  • Codeshare / partnerships

Altéa Departure Control

Altéa Departure Control

  • Check-in and boarding
  • Self-service
  • Baggage management
  • Aircraft weight & balance
  • Disruption management
  • Customer value