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A new airline industry report, Reinventing the Airport Ecosystem, identifies consumer frustrations with today’s airport experience and maps how airports will re-invent themselves up to 2025 with new operating models, driving revenues beyond traditional aviation income.

Designed to stimulate discussion and provide insight into the future of the airport sector, the report has been developed through primary field research, conducted in interview format with key representatives from major travel and technology business sectors, and then tested against a large sample of global travellers.

The report provides useful insight into:

  • the macro-influences on the aviation sector and the impact of advances in technology
  • the passenger perspective on air travel
  • non-aeronautical revenue-generating opportunities
  • future strategies and models designed to improve the passenger travel experience
  • how innovation, collaboration and engagement are key to creating a successful airport ecosystem
Reinventing the Airport Ecosystem. Mapping strategic direction for the next 20 years

Reinventing the Airport Ecosystem

The exclusive infographic focuses on the Airport Ecosytem Architecture, looking at various management models and passengers perceptions that will define the airports of the future.

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