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Improve your customers'  experience

Make the difference at each customer touch point

Amadeus' customer-centric new generation IT solutions put the customer at the centre of airline processes and enable you to improve the end-to-end experience and airline customer satisfaction.

Each passenger's touch point is used to make a difference, increase customer satisfaction and, most importantly, ensure repeat business.

Search & book

  • Immediate recognition with full customer profile
  • Unique seat availability on heavily booked flight because of high value profile
  • Ability to choose 'ā la carte services' (lounge access, meal, entertainment, etc)
  • Automated upgrade to compensate for previous incident (service recovery)
  • Priority on seat allocation (window, 1A)

Change travel plans

  • Immediate recognition with full customer profile
  • Transparent price and conditions for change
  • Immediate ticket re-issue
  • Automated seat allocation according to preference

Check-in & boarding

  • Immediate recognition with full customer and journey information
  • Self service or agents check-in
  • In the case of overbooking, onload and upgrade according to value profile
  • Ability to add 'ā la carte services' (lounge access, meal, entertainment, etc)


  • Requested seat and meal available on board
  • " In case of problems with connecting flights, proactive booking on alternative flights and notification of the customer


  • Immediate recognition with full customer and journey information
  • Real-time service recovery actions to compensate for flight delays (lounge, etc)
  • Smooth re-accommodation process with priority given to highest value customers
  • Customer preferences applied on new connecting flights

Baggage retrieval

  • Automatically trigger CRM action in the case of a baggage incident
  • Automatically offer service recovery
  • Capture of baggage incident into customer profile

Update profile & reward

  • Update customer profile and preferences
  • Real-time update of customer value, tier level
  • Update future customer flights already booked
  • Automatically trigger appropriate CRM action for next travel
  • Full travel information stored in customer database

Receive promotion

  • Propose customised offer through the most appropriate channel and at the right time
  • Propose incentive to use specific channels .(eg, self service check-in)

Preferential service to your most valuable customer

Amadeus' unique customer value processing features enable full service differentiation for each customer.

No more first come, first served - our customer-centric solutions enable you to consistently allocate limited resources or privileges (seat preference, availability on an overbooked flight, availability on alternative flights in the case of disruption, etc) to customers according to their value.

This means you are able to provide consistent and preferential customer service to your frequent travellers, who provide most of your revenue and increased revenue over the long run.

Summary of benefits for your customers

  • Automation wherever possible
  • Fastest process in each case
  • Self service
  • No redundant activities
Personalised service
  • Priority according to their loyalty status or value
  • Personalised offer
  • Service recovery actions
  • Select their offer: seat, meal, lounge etc.
  • Choose the way to book and check-in
  • Change their travel plans
No hassle
  • Proactive service recovery
  • Smooth re-accommodation
Expected financial benefits

Expected financial benefits

With a customer-centric and automated Customer Management Solution from Amadeus, customers will be able to see important and obvious differences. These translate into powerful and positive impacts on your airlines customer satisfaction and loyalty.

It is very difficult to come up with precise financial returns - not only because customer loyalty depends on so many combined factors, but also because the amount of improvement depends on your current processes.

As a guide, airlines conservatively estimate that, on average, the value of customer satisfaction improvement due to Amadeus solutions relates to an increase of around 0.4% of total frequent travellers' revenue (after 2-3 years of operation).

Source: Amadeus Value Proposition workshops

Most relevant Amadeus Solutions to improve your customers' experience

Most relevant Amadeus Solutions to improve your customers' experience

Amadeus offers the most impressive range of customer-centric solutions to really make the difference for your customers:

Full Altéa Suite (Reservation, Inventory, Departure Control)
  • Build end-to-end customer-centric processes and ensure seamless service between airlines on the Altéa platform
Altéa Customer Value
  • Ensure preferential treatment for your most valuable customers
Amadeus e-Merchandise Amadeus Flex-Pricer
  • Provide more choices at once for your customers
Amadeus Ticket Changer
  • Save time for and give more freedom to customers who want to change their travel plans
Altéa Single PNR Codeshare
  • Ensure seamless service for customers flying on codeshare partner flights
Amadeus Self Service Check-in
  • Empower your customers at home or at the airport, whatever the check- in channel
Altéa Automated Customer Transfer
  • Speed up the transfer of disrupted customers to alternative flights at the airport
Amadeus Ticket Changer Shopper
  • Enable your customers to change their tickets online to the best alternative flights