Navigating the Airport of Tomorrow
Watch the interview of Norm Rose, the report's author, at the Amadeus Airport Showcase 2011

Watch the interview of Norm Rose, the report's author, at the Amadeus Airport Showcase 2011

Look at how technology will modernise the Airport experience of Tomorrow

Look at how technology will modernise the Airport experience of Tomorrow

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Navigating the Airport of Tomorrow

A new travel industry report, Navigating the Airport of Tomorrow, identifies changing attitudes to the modern airport and charts the airport systems and technologies that over the next ten years will attempt to solve passenger frustrations whilst also delivering the much anticipated "total travel experience".

Authored by Norm Rose of Travel Tech Consulting Inc, the report reveals that passengers across the world are regularly still suffering significant problems whilst at the airport including when checking-in, collecting and dropping off baggage and passing through security checks.

Navigating the Airport of Tomorrow

Using data from the report, the exclusive infographic focuses on the passenger journey through the airport and examines how specific emerging technologies such as the mobile boarding pass, improvements around RFID for baggage systems and improved airport operations will be applied to solve the challenges of the airport experience.

Navigating the Airport of Tomorrow

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Key findings of the report:

  • Travellers demand improvements in disruption management, long check-in lines and baggage handling
  • Demand for new information services and self-service is high
  • Airport experiences impact perceptions of airlines

To fulfill the vision of the airport of tomorrow all stakeholders from the airline industry must be interconnected with technologies that will help enhance the customer experience, improve customer loyalty and reduce airport disruption. These technologies include:

  • One-touch check-in and progress tracking: Near field communication (NFC) enabled smartphones and tablet computers could unlock the possibility of one-touch check-in and mobile ticketing, if airports deploy NFC sensors throughout the airport. This would maximise ease of check-in for the passenger, and could even enable airlines to track their passengers through the airport, achieving greater efficiencies.

  • Permanent baggage tags: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is being introduced to create permanent baggage tags that recognise the passenger's frequent flyer details and allow the tracking of the bag through the airport's baggage system, onto the airplane and off again at the final destination. This will enable real-time baggage information an especially valuable service in times of disruption.

  • Roaming agents with tablet computers: Given the proliferation of tablet computers, roaming agents could soon be available within the airport to provide information to passengers as necessary, or to aid the desk check-in process at peak times.

Altéa Departure Control Customer Management, the ultimate new generation solution

Altéa Departure Control Customer Management has been designed to automate as much as possible all airport processes from check-in to disruption. It enables airlines to support 100% self-service check-in as well as enhancing the passenger experience through differentiated customer service.

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